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CiNPLAT Travel Safe are a leading travel safety provider ensuring organisations of any size and in any industry remain safe and secure when operating overseas, this involves protecting staff and assets through planning, security guidance and using advanced technology as examples.

The team behind CiNPLAT Travel Safe have gained unrivalled experience from many years of operating across the globe, from operating within a security role within hostile environments through to managing travel itinerary for global organisations. By having the experience and knowledge gained from travelling and working in fragile environments, then our staff are best placed to advise organisations on best practice and duty of care requirements.

CiNPLAT Travel Safe are also a complete partner meaning that we can assist at every level, for example we can conduct internal audits of your organisation to ensure that every risk has been identified and that the correct level of procedure has been acknowledged, through to actually providing on the ground assistance in any country, not to mention all the help that sits between these two examples!

CiNPLAT Travel Safe also utilises the ultimate travel companion app providing valuable features in one neat package, with a view of enhancing a travellers experience.

It was apparent that travellers did not have instant and accessible information at their fingertips such as country news updates as they happen, security updates, personal travel advice and so forth.

With this in mind a solution was needed and then came the birth of CiNPLAT, we also recognised that travellers would benefit from additional functions such as live flight information, secure vault to keep their travel documents safe, messaging capability and a professional SOS function that was able to alert a family member or friend if the traveller became involved in an incident.

The CiNPLAT app is the technology solution to a real world problem, and due to the recent rise in incidents across the globe then should be seriously considered by all whether you are just going on holiday or are a frequent business traveller.

The team behind CiNPLAT understand the risks faced by travellers and have gained valuable experience within the technology and security sectors. Also, CiNPLAT is supported by leading security providers such as CTR Secure Services with the aim of ensuring our users receive up to date travel safety information and support where needed.

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