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  • Security Support Services

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    In conjunction with our preferred security partners CTR Secure Services and MS Risk, we are able to provide additional security and risk solutions to our clients. These services allow our clients to access physical support services with a view of increasing their duty of care to their staff and to also enhance the organisations toolbox and procedures concerning travel security. Additional services offered are:

    Crisis response
    24/7 hotline to report incidents
    Consultants on standby to deploy anywhere
    Recovery and repatriation
    Close protection and Executive protection
    Tailored security awareness training
    Post incident debriefing, trauma counselling and medical services
  • Travel Security E-learning

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    We acknowledge that training is a vital element of the overall travel security procedure, and this is why CiNPLAT design and build relevant and engaging e-learning courses to support organisations. Courses are written by industry leading experts in their field, before being developed by our in house designers. The benefit of CiNPLAT e-learning courses is that users can access their training directly through their CiNPLAT app, allowing for learning on the go whether at work, at home or whilst travelling. Other benefits of e-learning:

    Relevant content based on travel security and lone working
    Engaging and interactive courses
    Access from anywhere and at any time – Learn on the go
    Intelligent system remembers your last position so no starting from the start each time
    Courses come with written words available in a neat download
    Full administration support for your training manager
  • Employee Companion App

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    The employee companion app provides each employee with a modern and easy to use app that enhances the level of duty of care. The CiNPLAT app ( is accessible by the employee through their device whether smartphone or tablet, and provides various features that allow the user to also monitor and communicate whilst they are on the move. The app allows the employee to:

    Receive vital security updates
    Access country specific information through country profiles
    Access a multitude of travel safety information through our security guides
    Access their travel security e-learning directly through the app, allowing learning on the move via their smartphone or device
    Communicate to other members on the system including the organisation, through the secure messaging feature
    Set a beacon to alert their employer of any incidents in their location, this allows for instant updates for the organisation to pass on to their other staff
  • Corporate Monitoring Platform

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    The integrated web based portal allows organisations to track, monitor and communicate with their staff through the user friendly and leading user interface. Our web based platform consists of multiple smart features that allow an organisation to action the following:

    Track staff anywhere in the world via the integrated mapping system
    Communicate to staff using the secure messaging function, with messages being received by the user through their CiNPLAT app. Messages can be sent to all staff, selected groups and/or individuals
    Monitor security updates for any country and know exactly where security incidents are occurring
    Upload important documents to users device via the CiNPLAT app, files include Pdf, Word and images
    Add flight details to the users device, including live flight tracking
    Monitor whether an SOS alert has been activated by the user, receiving an instant beacon, location and also email confirmation