Corporate Monitoring Platform

It is important for organisations to know where their staff are and to be able to do this instantly if needed, providing complete duty of care for travellers.

From one simple but professional portal, organisations can now view where their staff are using Geo-location information from the user’s mobile device anywhere in the world, to ensure that a complete solution is offered then administrators can also monitor for any SOS alerts, create check in’s and message their staff all from the same portal.

The integrated web based portal allows organisations to track, monitor and communicate with their staff through the friendly and leading user interface. Our web based platform consists of multiple smart features that allow an organisation to action the following:

  • Track staff anywhere in the world via the integrated mapping system
  • Monitor security updates for any country and know exactly where security incidents are occurring
  • Communicate to staff using the secure messaging function, with messages being received by the user through their CiNPLAT app. Messages can be sent to all staff, selected groups and/or individuals
  • Create check in sessions for our staff, direct to their app
  • Monitor whether an SOS alert has been activated by the user, receiving an instant beacon, location and also email confirmation
  • Be alerted if an automated Check In has been missed by the staff member, and then to initiate follow up procedures
  • View all staff in a quick and efficient manner

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