Employee Companion App

Working alongside the monitoring platform, the CiNPLAT App allows staff to have a portable information and communication source directly from their device whether smartphone or tablet.

The employee companion app provides each employee with a modern and easy to use app that enhances the level of duty of care. The CiNPLAT app (www.cinplat.com) is accessible by the employee through their device whether smartphone or tablet, and provides various features that allow the user to also monitor and communicate whilst they are on the move. The app allows the employee to:

  • Receive vital security updates
  • Access country specific information through country profiles
  • Access a multitude of travel safety information through our security guides
  • Access their travel security e-learning directly through the app, allowing learning on the move via their smartphone or device
  • Communicate to other members on the system including the organisation, through the secure messaging feature
  • Set a beacon to alert their employer of any incidents in their location, this allows for instant updates for the organisation to pass on to their other staff
  • Set an SOS alert beacon to inform their employer that they are in distress, this SOS is instantly viewed on the organisations user management screen and also sends an automated email including location
  • Upload files to their personal secure vault, and also to view files that have been uploaded by their organisation. Examples of files can be company documents, travel documents and images.
  • View live flight information

View more information on the CiNPLAT app here.

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