duty of care

Exceeding Duty of Care

With the ever changing world of technology then CiNPLAT strive to deliver the most up to date and relevant duty of care system on the market. Our designers and engineers continually search for new ways to engage the user and also adopt modern technology into the app and the corporate monitoring system itself.

Duty of Care

Automation is always a key driver, allowing the app and system to focus on what it does best and ensure a simplified system of use for the user. This is achieved through the newly integrated geo-fencing technology slowly being released into the CiNPLAT platform. Geo-fencing allows the organisation to specify a location using lat and long, and then further allows them to set instructions or commands based on when a device enters or leaves that geo-fence. This could include sending pre-written messages to the users device through to alerting a controller that the user has moved to the next stage of their journey, these are juts limited benefits.

This is also in addition to the multitude of other intelligent features delivered through the CiNPLAT system, including country information, SOS alert, security and safety guides, live news media, secure vault and real time messaging facility.

If you are an organisation and you send staff overseas and want a modern duty of care travel system, then CiNPLAT Travel Safe could assist.