monitoring platform

New Monitoring Platform Release

Monitoring Platform

CiNPLAT Travel Safe have just released the new version of our leading monitoring platform, which includes advanced features to ensure that organisations remain in control in terms of duty of care for their staff.

The revised platform has been designed to include the latest tracking solutions which are linked to the users app, whether ios, android or windows versions. The platform follows a simple deign and layout ensuring ease of use by administrators or those responsible for monitoring staff overseas.

The feature rich platform ensures organisations can track, monitor and communicate with their staff wherever they are in the world. Having the ability to quickly view a map of all staff members is vital in understanding and being aware of where your staff are. In addition to this, the platform allows for tracking of the users mobile device, which provides a map view of locations so you are aware where certain members are and this can be activated/deactivated at any time via the portal. There is also the function to generate scheduled check ins for staff members, using a list of parameters including start time, finish time, intervals of check ins, staff members to receive check ins and also persons where alerts are sent to in response to a failed check in by a staff member.

Messaging facility also provides the ability to message either individual staff members or dedicated groups, allowing for an internal messaging system linked from the CiNPLAT portal to each of the users devices.

Duty of Care

In terms of duty of care then the SOS function can alert the organisation that a staff member is in distress, with the organisation then being able to locate that person on the high end map view. Alerts are automatically refreshed on the home screen of the portal and emails sent to a dedicated email so there is no chance of missing such an event. There is also an alert for missed check ins with emails being sent to dedicated contacts ensuring your organisation is fully aware at every step.

In terms of travel safety then the CiNPLAT Travel Safe platform and associated apps are a leading way to keep staff safe whilst travelling.

To view a demo of the monitoring system then please click here.

Alternatively, contact 0333 370 4999 to arrange an on site demonstration.