Lone Wolf Attacks

Reduce the Risk of Lone Wolf Attacks

Lone Wolf Attacks

We have all witnessed the terrible attacks recently by lone attackers on the public, where the attacks have been out of the blue and caused so much harm. This level of attack is very difficult to combat as it is difficult to assess where and when such attacks will take place, the attacks can be described as ‘leaderless resistance’ and are by no means a new phenomenon as have been used by groups such as animal rights, white supremacists and so on for many years. Due to the high number of attacks then it is believed certain measures will change or be brought into effect by different governments and countries, especially in heavily populated areas such as city centres and so forth.

What can you do personally to reduce the risk?

As stated it is difficult to plan against some attacks as they can happen very quickly, and this means that we must try to be situational aware most of the time when in public. Having a higher awareness of our surroundings is key to ensure that we are able to observe anything out of the ordinary, although this can be difficult for some as they may be on holiday or in a general relaxed mood. However, we can see from recent events that there is a need to remain vigilant and unfortunately our lives could depend on it. So, awareness is the first step and means that we should all try and be more aware of what is happening around us and how we fit into our surroundings too. This could mean minor differences such as:

– When walking, making use of natural and man made barriers such as metal railings, post boxes, telephone boxes and ram barriers as examples. Just making sure that you have some form of cover between yourself and a would be attacker using a vehicle as a weapon
– Observing those around you and their actions, we are all very good at knowing when something is not quite right but we need practice in being able to listen better to our instincts
– Keep informed of what is happening in the News and try to build a bigger picture of what is happening on a global and also local scale
– If staying overseas in a hotel then take time to study the location and features around you, especially identify the location of your hotel room to what is around it i.e. routes out, dead ends etc
– If in a crowd then try and keep to the outskirts as this will allow you to move freely if the need arises and not to be jammed in by other scared people
– Try not to place yourself in unnecessary risk and be aware and be safe

Should I change my whole routine?

No, as we should not let attacks of this nature affect our lives too much as this would be one of the aims of the attackers, to disrupt and increase fear in the domestic population. Although if you can change certain aspects of your routine then do so, but in the main we must ensure that we live our lives the best way we can in such circumstances and this has been shown by the public in London recently by showing that such attacks will not disrupt their lives.

If travelling overseas then there are further security guides within the CiNPLAT Travel Safe app, under the general information tab. The app can be downloaded here.