tracking family

Tracking Family

There may be times where you would feel more at ease knowing exactly where your family members are and that they are safe, whether your children travelling overseas, partner working away in the UK and so on.

Having the knowledge of where family members are and that they are safe is priceless and so simple to do with CiNPLAT Tracking, whether low cost tracking of the persons mobile device through to more enhanced global tracking using one of our dedicated satellite trackers.

Tracking Systems

We are able to track mobile devices with ease and this allows you to identify exactly where your son or daughter are, and if you lose contact with them then you are also able to see their last known locations so that you can start to look for them. More enhanced systems consist of separate tracking devices which can be carried discreetly by the person, these can also offer an SOS function/button which when pressed will send an alert directly to your phone or email, also showing last known location.

Tracking Portal

When you sign up to CiNPLAT Track then you also receive your very own web portal whereby you can log in and view the people you would like to keep safe, this allows you to monitor where people are. You can also set up geo-zones which will alert you if that person leaves or enters a set zone, this could be used for monitoring when family members arrive/depart airports or even when they enter areas which are not suitable for them.

For more information on our tracking services then please feel free to contact us to discuss with one of our travel consultants.