Tracking Solutions

In addition to the corporate monitoring platform, CiNPLAT also have the capability to track any type of asset using dedicated tracking devices and also smartphones (iOS, Windows and Android). Tracking is provided by our leading tracking portal, whereby you are able to see exactly where your personnel and assets are located around the world.

Having the ability to track staff and assets at the touch of a button is a vital service and allows your organisation to account for staff overseas and also assets, in addition to this the system allows for geo fencing which means that your organisation can be alerted if an asset moves, leaves or enters a designated location and even if speeding if that asset is a vehicle.

When managing staff and assets across the globe then knowledge is key, and CiNPLAT Track allows instant knowledge using a modern and simple interface tracking portal.


  • Track multiple staff and assets
  • Always know where your staff and assets are located
  • Create Geo-fences and be alerted when asset leaves or enters
  • User friendly interface
  • Various types of trackers available – person, vehicle, asset etc
  • Can also track Smartphones (iOS, Windows and Android)

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