Travel Security E-learning

We acknowledge that training is a vital element of the overall travel security procedure, and this is why CiNPLAT design and build relevant and engaging e-learning courses to support organisations.

Courses are written by industry leading experts in their field, before being developed by our in house designers. The benefit of CiNPLAT e-learning courses is that users can access their training directly through their CiNPLAT app, allowing for learning on the go whether at work, at home or whilst travelling. Other benefits of e-learning:

  • Relevant content based on travel security and lone working
  • Engaging and interactive courses
  • Access from anywhere and at any time – Learn on the go
  • Intelligent system remembers your last position so no starting from the start each time
  • Courses come with written words available in a neat download
  • Full administration support for your training manager
  • Provides additional duty of care through education of staff

We can also design and build additional e-learning courses specific to the needs of the organisation, these could be cultural awareness, internal policies and procedures and so forth.

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