What we do

CiNPLAT Travel Safe are a total travel safety partner providing various services that can either be delivered together or as separate solutions, this provides a tailor-made service for your organisation.

We have six main services which are relative to travelling and working overseas in a corporate or business environment, these include:

  • Corporate Monitoring Platform
  • Tracking Solutions
  • Employee Companion App
  • Travel Security E-learning
  • Security Support Services
  • TravelSafe Internal Audit

Each of these services are relevant to travelling and working overseas and have been designed to ensure complete duty of care to your staff, and to reduce or mitigate the risks where possible.

You may just want to physically track staff or assets across the globe, then our tracking portal and tracking devices can assist.

You may need a professional and dedicated monitoring platform so that you can list, view, message and liaise with your staff, our corporate monitoring platform can provide this.

You may wish to educate your staff in the dangers or types of incidents that they may face when travelling overseas, more importantly how to react to such incidents then our e-learning or physical HEAT courses may assist.

You would like to ensure that your organisational policies and procedures are up to date and relevant in terms of working or operating in fragile environments, then our TravelSafe internal audit will help assess and achieve this.

You would like your staff to have a modern and informative travel app to keep them updated of any incidents and provide them with detailed country information, then our employee companion app may be useful.

You may need to have support in country and this could include dedicated consultants, security officers or maybe even a meet & greet service from the airport.

All these services can be used together or as individual solutions.

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